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This was a volunteered Project for Microsoft and The Minnesota Lions Club. We Created A SciFi haunted house experience for halloween. All the benefits went to the Minnesota Eye Bank!

I started with four Nerf N-Strike Loneshot CS-6 guns. All the guns were stripped down. Some of the parts were fully removed and repurposed. For example, parts of the tripods were reused to support the fuel container, along with a big chunk of polycarb.


The fuel containers are stainless water bottles. A little bit of paint and a roll down my driveway gave them a battle-weathered look.


The Scope was dressed up with a few PVC pluming pipe parts.


For Some of the plastic parts I started with a adhesions promoter. All the parts were then rattle can'd silver and then two coats of clear were sprayed. All the parts I wanted gun metal were sprayed over the silver. Then the gun metal was light sanded to expose the silver underneath.


The coolest thing was the EL wire (Electroluminescent) that was run down the inside of the gun, by the barrel.

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